Our Logo

We love our logo. Designed by our friends at Matchstic, we believe it wonderfully captures our vision to be as a church in, of, and for our neighborhood. 

"in, of, and for"

What does it mean to be "in, of, and for" our neighborhood? It's easy to be in a place. Sit in your car; you're in it. Eat at a restaurant; you're in it. But to be of and for a place is much more. You have to live life there and eat in its restaurants, shop at its stores, walk its streets and use its parks. You need to have relationships with the people that live there and see their faces everyday. You notice the trash on the ground (and pick it up) and you notice when someone is new or if they haven't been around in a while. You have to be so connected with the neighborhood that you become entwined in it and your life and the community become interwoven.

It is also about East Atlanta Village and what makes it unique. It's a neighborhood with a long history dating back to before the Civil War. It's an eclectic mix of historical houses, new residencies, one-of-a-kind shops, independent businesses, and passionate people. It's a diverse community with many races, income levels, and backgrounds.

The Interwoven Cross

The interweaving pattern symbolizes the desire to be more than simply a church in East Atlanta, but one that will become intimately interwoven into the fabric of its lives and organizations, its celebrations, and sorrows. The cross in the center is a reminder that Jesus is the center and foundation of all that the church is and will be. It will only be a church for the neighborhood to the degree that the gospel and God's continuing work of redemption in our own lives and in the world is remembered.

The Container

The outer circle represents the geographical focus to be a church for the neighborhood. Village Church desires to be a refuge in a broken world and a community of people living out the gospel in the place they call home.

For The Type

A custom version of Trade Gothic was used by extending the cross bars in the "A," "H," and "R." This symbolizes the diversity and eclectic nature of East Atlanta Village.

In. Of. For. 

When all of the elements come together, it creates an identity that is in, of , and for the neighborhood that embodies the heart behind Church. An identity isn't always about the literal elements but about the over all feeling behind it. It's not just a logo but a symbol of beliefs, values, and vision.