What to Expect

The Service

On Sunday mornings we gather from 10:30 to a little after noon for worship with singing, prayers, preaching, and Communion. Click here for a typical order of worship.

Our music incorporates contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns. We observe the Lord’s Supper at the end of every Sunday service, but participation is voluntary, based upon examination of each person’s faith. We don’t pass the elements down the rows, so no one notices if you choose not to participate.

To know more about how we conduct our service and why, check out this document we wrote to explain the various elements of our service: Worship 101.


There’s no one standard for what’s appropriate to wear, so use your own judgment. Most people don’t feel obligated to dress formally, though some may choose to. Others just wear whatever’s comfortable. Regardless, your presence is what's most important.

Nursery & Childcare

The mission of the Village Church nursery is to provide a safe, caring, and inviting environment for children; to ensure that their time in church is joyful; and to provide a foundation for their developing faith. Nursery care is available for crawlers through two years old during every Sunday morning worship service. The nursery opens at 10:15 AM.

Children's Sunday School

We have three Children's Sunday School classes, divided by age, for kids 2 through 6 years old. We encourage parents to keep their kids in for the first half of the service and then we dismiss them before the sermon.

Also, we know that the way we order our worship services isn't familiar to everyone who comes to worship with us. In light of that we've created this little booklet, Worship 101, to explain why we do what we do in worship.