Children's Ministry


RIZERS ( 6 years and up)

Sunday school will resume for our older children ( April 10th), classes will begin on Sunday mornings at 9:00 and run till 10:00 am. 

TODDLERS & PRESCHOOLERS ( 2 thru 5 years)

Classes start after Welcome and Announcements ( ~ approx 20 minutes into service). We keep our children in worship with us for the first part of service. At that time, children, two through five years are dismissed. 

 The classrooms are grouped by age:

  • Littles ( two years)
  • Middles ( three and four years)
  • Bigs ( five years)

While in class our children learn scripture in a fun, kid-accessible way, watch the bible come alive, share prayers, and praise God.

Rizers - Grades 1-5 

Kid's Quest Catechism Club for 6 - 8 years

Is an opportunity to lay a foundation for our elementary students' belief and trust in God, grounded in theological truth and God's character. Music, games, art, written activities, and a lot of repetition reinforce the teaching and help them to learn all questions and answers of the First Catechism over a 2 year period. 

Volume 2 Spring Kickoff will be April 17th at 9AM in the Books of the Bible Classroom. 

Youth Catechism Class with Pastor Matt

Is our followup classes for our older Elementary students ( 9 - 12 years) and involves in depth analysis and study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. As well as continued discussion of the books of the Bible. 

* We do not offer Children's church for children who are six years of age and older.  We encourage parents to engage their children in the worship service. Children Worship Guides are available to help our kids pay attention and learn.  

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